• With our Bluetooth in-vehicle alcohol detection platform you can never drive drunk again! 

    Drinking Responsibly is easy with SOBRDRIVE

    Even When You Fail, You Win With SOBRDRIVE

    Even When You Fail, You Win With SOBRDRIVE

    Taking responsibility should be as easy as taking a drink. The tools to stop drunk driving are at your fingertips. It's not complicated, or intrusive. It's an app that gives you options to not drive impaired by making responsibility a shared event.

  • Get Rid of Your Embarrassing Ignition Interlock

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    SOBRDRIVE Vehicle Alcohol Detection Hardware

    SOBRDRIVE Vehicle Alcohol Detection Hardware

    The World's first vehicle alcohol detection device allows you to preset a BAC limit of up to 0.05, which is below the legal limit in some states. If you test above that BAC limit, your vehicle will not start, and the SOBRDRIVE app will give you alternatives to driving impaired.
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    SOBRDRIVE Breathalyzer

    SOBRDRIVE Breathalyzer

    Introducing to you the DRIVESAFE™ evoc, tailor-made for our tech-savvy audience. Made using electrochemical sensors, the DRIVESAFE™ evoc gives you accurate BAC results every time. Its size makes it a perfect breathalyzer to check your BAC anywhere. Just connect it to your Apple IOS or Android smartphone and check your BAC level. It is that easy.
    •Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
    •Has Bluetooth connectivity.
    •Uses industry acclaimed electrochemical sensor; provides accurate result
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